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June 28, 2010

So I’ve accepted an offer from Merix Studio (the design firm located in Poland) and the contract should be finalized tomorrow!  This is exciting, I just can’t wait to see my visions for KitchenPC really come to life through the talents of a professional and committed design firm.  Their bid was slightly higher than Duck Pond, Inc but their portfolio really impressed me and gave me no doubt that they’ll be more than equipped to handle my little site.

I think another thing that made this work out was the fact I was able to talk with their sales manager on Skype for several hours to really discuss ideas in a lot more detail.  This worked a lot better than email, and I think led to a bid that was more detailed and really spelled out exactly what it would entail.  I felt with the other bid, it was just a rough estimate to get the job, and there might be future “nit picking” about exactly what they’d be responsible for doing.  With that said, the two companies were very competitive and the decision was not easy.  I think I made the right choice though.


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