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July 15, 2010

So I’ve been meaning to set up a Twitter account for KitchenPC for awhile now, as it seems like the trendy Web 2.0 thing to do.  Plus, there’s already been a few Tweets about my blog so it’d be nice to have an at-name for them to point to.  The problem is the @KitchenPC Twitter name was already taken!  This was a bit frustrating because the account was private, had no posts and no followers.  The other day I was reading through Twitter’s terms of use and I noticed there’s actually a clause regarding using trademarks in your Twitter name.  Since KitchenPC is a registered trademark, I figured I’d send Twitter an email asking if they’d transfer the KitchenPC user name over to me.  To my surprise, I got an email this morning saying ‘Sure!” and this was done.

So now I have a Twitter name.

I feel a bit guilty about yanking someone’s Twitter account from them, but hey the account was totally inactive for months.  Otherwise, it’s not something I would have tried.  I hope this is not the start of a trend into corporate bullying for me :)


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  1. I’d expect nothing less from a former MS employee! ;-)

    All joking aside, you have to protect your trademarks. It’s not corporate bullying. It’s responsible business. Make sure you set up KitchenPC profiles on all of the social media sites.

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