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This Iced Tea is Tea-Riffic!

July 19, 2010

I really dig Tazo Iced Tea, especially the “Giant Peach” flavor.  It’s made with real (organically grown) cane sugar, tastes great, and I can pronounce all the ingredients on the bottle.  However, I find it surprisingly difficult to find this stuff.  The QFC located near-by my house is where I frequent for my grocery shopping needs.  After discovering I liked this tea so much, the next time I came back I bought all three bottles on the shelf.  Weeks passed, and the inventory was never replenished.  In fact, they were using the slot labled “TAZO GNT PCH” for another brand of tea, which remained untouched by customers for quite some time (I’m O.C.D. so I notice and remember exact product configurations on a shelf.)  Several weeks later, they got five more bottles in.  I immediately bought all five.  Well over a month passed, and the slot remained empty, with other products being replenished.  After quite some time, they finally got more in and I promptly deprived them of their inventory in full once more.  However, the last time I stopped by this QFC, they got a brand new shipment in and this time it was two whole slots dedicated to Tazo Giant Peach iced tea as far back as the eye could see.  More than I could possibly fit in my basket!

I’d like to think QFC was looking at historical trends of customer behavior and I tilted the results to warrant larger Tazo Iced Tea orders.  Either way, this is a fantastic example of converting customer metrics into usable data to maximize profits.  Lesser used features should be cast aside to make way for those with proven customer use.  I write this post as I sip on an ice cold Tazo Giant Peach tea.


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  1. Mike z permalink

    QFC is pretty good about customer service. Next time your in go up to the customer service counter and perhaps bring an empty bottle of the stuff and ask them to order more.

    Just a thought…


  2. Lois permalink

    I looked for Tazo Iced Tea in Ralph’s and Vons…..could not find it here.

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