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KitchenPC Has Gone Live!

October 7, 2010

I am thrilled to announce that has gone live to the public!  It’s been an absolutely exhausting journey, but I’m pleased with the outcome of the Beta version and know that with the support and feedback of its users, the product will only get better from here.  KitchenPC has been a dream of mine for many years now, in one form or another, and to finally have a tangible (well, as far as bits can be) incarnation of this dream is something beyond words.  Many people helped me out along the way, I’d like to thank a few of them at the risk of turning this blog post into an Academy Awards acceptance speech.  They are (in no particular order) Lois C, Josh B, Cherise Z, Brooks T, Dylan A, Joe R, Rohling H, Myrissa Y, Tyson B, Pey-Hua H, Tasnim J, Stephen K, and Piotr K.  All of you had some sort of direct impact on the way the vision grew.

The next steps will be to ensure the beta version of the site delivers upon its initial vision and comfortably finds a user base to grow.  I’m hoping to get a targeted set of regular users who want to use the site a few times a week and share their experiences and feedback.  This means I’ll be spending a good deal of time promoting the site online and to the press, listening to users, and studying trends and behavior in site usage.  I also plan to make the shift into a more entrepreneur role; attending groups, going to presentations, and networking with the business community at large.  This, of course, will be done alongside maintaining a technical role on the site; fixing bugs, making minor improvements based on feedback and making sure the entire thing doesn’t come crashing down.

Well, I’d like to keep this post short so people will stop reading and go check out the site, but if you’re a fan of the blog (and I hope you are), please help spread the word!  Join the “KitchenPC” Facebook group, post a link on your wall, tell your friends, or just use the site and send me your feedback (  Much more to come!



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  1. A provocative inisght! Just what we need!

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