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Vote on our new name!

December 9, 2010

So after countless hours of work, conversations with both friends and strangers, going through over a thousand suggestions on SquadHelp, and annoying several people incessantly, I’ve narrowed down the new name to a list of five finalists.  I’ve decided what better way to pick one than just let my existing users vote!  So this is what I’ll do.  First off, the five finalists in no particular order.

The “sage” idea was first suggested by a friend of mine who I think has a great creative mind.  I played around with various names with the word “sage”, but for some reason this one just stuck.  Sage is, of course, a play on words as it can refer to a wise person as well as the cooking spice.  To me, a “MealSage” is someone who can help you pick out meals and figure out what to cook.  “What can I do with these ingredients?  Well let’s ask the Meal Sage!”

Preprika took a bit of time to win me over, but I’ll have to admit it’s grown on me.  It combines “preparation”, which is an essential aspect to meal planning, as well as an allusion to “eureka!”, the exclamation which one may cry upon satisfaction or making a discovery.  More clever yet, it’s a twist on “paprika” which brings a culinary reference into the name.  I think the official branding would actually be “Preprika!” because exclamation points convey excitement and can make for good logos.

This is a somewhat futury Jetsons sounding name, and brings in a certain infomercial “Billy Mays” quality to the product.  Whether that’s a good thing or not will be left up to the voters.  It definitely conveys a system that automatically comes up with meals to make, so it deserves a place on the list simply for its intrinsic ability to communicate the product function.  It’s also fun to say, rolls off the tongue well, and has an alliterative quality that makes it desirable.

Mealable is one of those made-up words that has a very Web 2.0 sounding connotation.  I pronounce it as three syllables, such as “Mee-La-Bowl.”  I think it’s fun sounding as well and easy to remember.  It brings an element of “ease” into the name, which goes well with our company vision of “Meal Planning Made Easy.”  It has a “can do” attitude and instills a confidence that this is a site that can enable you to find meals easily.

MealsAlready is the longest of the choices, but it has a certain ring to it which I like.  Most obvious is the pun, as this can be heard as “Meals, Already!” or “Meals All Ready”  The first conveys a quickness, as in a product that can help you find meals right now based on what’s in your fridge.  The second conveys a feeling of ease that everything is ready to go.

Please Vote!

I hope you like at least one of these!  If so, please take 30 seconds or so out of your busy day and go vote here:

This link will be emailed to all my existing users, as well as posted on the KitchenPC Twitter feed and Facebook page.  I figure I’ll collect responses for about a week or so, and then figure out the winner.

One last thing to point out is you can also vote to keep the name KitchenPC.  I’ve ran across a few people who still dig it, so don’t feel ashamed to voice that opinion as well.


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  1. Sandro permalink

    My vote goes to: :)

  2. Hello.
    I have come across your website through the organized digest of the seattle tech startups list. I am so busy I usually do a 10 second glance through the emails to see if anything catches my eye. I am interested in “naming” so read about your survey.

    I don’t know anything about you, your product or anything.

    The word “meals” has a strong connotation with me. I think of feeding the less fortunate with “meals on wheels” or getting a “hot meal” in jail or some kind of remote employment. “Meal”- besides having a sustenance connotation as I’v described above it also has a dieting connotation for me.

    If you eliminate the “meal” names then we’re left with preprika. I instantly got the “prep” in the word and the “paprika” combination. I didn’t get the eureka! connection, but with the addition of an exclamation point – it works!

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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