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Hello Phoenix!

March 22, 2012

This morning at around ten, I happened to glance up at the Clicky Chrome Plug-In, which provides me a real-time count of how many people have visited the site today.  To my shock and surprise, it was up well over 300!  Normally around this time of day, I was lucky to have 40 or 50.  Even more shocking was when I logged on to Clicky and saw there was 44 visitors online at that very moment!

Clicky Real-Time Stats

This isn’t the first time the site was rewarded with some generous PR or mention in some high-profile blog, but what was strange was that pretty much all the traffic was either direct (people just typing in in their browser) or through a Google search for “KitchenPC” or “”  This led me to believe someone mentioned me either on a TV show or on a radio program, which would require users to type in my address rather than click on some link.  But who?

I soon noticed another trend in the traffic.  Over half the visitors were around Phoenix, AZ.  Apparently, my site was all of a sudden famous there.

A few minutes later, I was notified by email of a new comment made on UserVoice, which I use to allow visitors to provide feedback on the site or feature suggestions.  The comment started out, “I have heard on the TV about this [site].”

Oooh, TV show!

Phoenix, AZ traffic today

Since the poster was kind enough to leave their email address, I decided to inquire as to which TV show mentioned the site, and it turned out to be a segment on Fox 10, where a local radio DJ shares her “tip of the day.”  Today’s tip was that KitchenPC is a fantastic online meal planning tool.  That’s a good tip!

A quick Google search turned up the video which aired today, which I invite you all to watch.  Feel free to fast-forward to around the 5 1/2 minute mark if you’re not exactly obsessed with American Idol.

Needless to say, this was a pleasant surprise.  I’ve never heard of the show nor was I made aware of this segment in advance.  I guess Beth simply stumbled across the site and decided to let her listeners know about it!  Though this isn’t perfect timing, as I’m completely re-inventing the site at the moment and thus shy away from too much publicity, it was still completely appreciated.  Around 1 in 10 visitors went on to create accounts, and stayed on the site for an average of 5 minutes and 54 seconds with a bounce rate of only 12.9%.  For anyone who found the site today, welcome and stick around for exciting new things to come!


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